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Global Residency at Your Doorstep

At Sunset Visa, we’re here to make the second residency and citizenship process seamless. As a global advisor, we cater to the holistic needs of our clients, and empower them to make the best decision for their investment. We enable investors to become a global citizen by finding the right programs with the maximum return on investment and lifestyle.

Why Us?

Our Vision

You Before Us

We’re committed to developing a deep understanding of your needs and creating a tailor-made future of your dreams.

Our Vision


Our dynamic team combines years of experience in investment immigration and asset management to meet each of our clients aspirations.

Our Vision


Our model is built on transparency and confidentiality which is why our clients trust us for their investment immigration needs.

Our Vision

History of Success

We have over 50 happy clients and their families that have immigrated abroad. We have also successfully transacted over $25 million USD.

Our Vision


At Sunset Visa, you have the choice to select from any of the major second residency and citizenship investment programs.