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Avoid These UK Immigration Investment Visa Mistakes

Sunset Visa Team, 14 Oct 2019

Don't Make These UK Immigration Investment Visa Mistakes

Since its launch, the UK immigration investment visa has been a popular way to immigrate to the UK. The UK government aimed to attract investments from foreign investors and encourage investors to explore the rich and diverse economy of the country. In recent years, the program has witnessed massive success as investors have made it a mode of securing residency for them and their families.

However, many times, investors make several common mistakes that lead to the rejection of the UK residency by investment visa. Making these mistakes might be considered as abusing the immigration rules, and the visa can be refused on these grounds.

Common Uk Immigration Investment Visa Mistakes To Avoid

Before applying for the investment visa, investors must be aware of all the rules and requirements. Here are the 4 common mistakes that they should avoid not getting their visa application rejected:

  • Hiding Rejected Application For Other Countries
  • If investors have already applied for a UK immigration investment visa in other EU countries and hid from the authorities, it can lead to the rejection of the UK immigration investment visa. Their immigration history must be 100% positive, and investors shouldn’t apply immediately after getting rejected from another country.

  • Investment And Maintenance Funds Are Different
  • Investors must note that investment funds are separate from maintenance funds. The investment funds include the amount for investments that need to be made in bonds and equity. Investors also need to show proof of maintenance funds, which will be used for living in the UK. Sometimes, the visa gets rejected because the maintenance funds are not sufficient as investors consider it to be a part of their investment.

  • Clear Proof Of Funds
  • Another reason why the UK residency by investment visa gets rejected is that investors don’t have credible sources of funds. The inability to show valid proof of funds leads to straightaway rejection. If the funds lack a reliable origin, they may be considered as illegitimate.

UK investor visa is an excellent way for investors and their families to get a residency in the country. It is also a great route to achieving UK citizenship by investment. But the above mistakes can lead an investor to get rejected during the process. It is adviced that investors consult with an immigration investment consultant to improve their chances of attaining the visa.

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Sunset Visa Team 14 Oct 2019