Common Eb 5 Investor Visa Mistakes

Sunset Visa Team, 10 Oct 2019

Common Eb 5 Investor Visa Mistakes You Should Avoid

Like it or not, there’s more to the EB 5 investor visa than just investing money. The 500K sum of investment is the starting point for the visa program, but there are other factors associated that determine whether you’ll be an investment immigrant in the US or not. EB 5 visa program has certain requirements that applicants need to fulfill before they can obtain the visa. However, failing to meet the requirements might make your application inadmissible in the US. There are several grounds on which your visa application can be refused, and sometimes, even waivers are not available to immigrants. This makes the entire process much harder than it seems.

Inadmissibilities For The Eb 5 Investor Visa Program

The Immigration and Nationality Acts, Section 212(a), declares 10 categories of inadmissibilities, which can result in rejection of the EB 5 visa investment application. The three primary categories that majorly impact the visa application are related to health, crime, and immigration violations.

  • Inadmissibilities Based On Health
  • The designated physician, under the guidance of Centres for Disease Control (CDC), assesses the applicant’s mental and physical health. Visa applicants who forgot to get vaccinated for certain diseases like mumps, measles, etc. will be straight away rejected. Other conditions that can have public harm and are communicable like tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. may also result in the EB 5 investor visa denial. Class A medical condition where the application is suffering from a physical or mental disorder is another major player in determining the application’s viability. You must ensure that all the health-related concerns have been taken care of.

  • Inadmissibilities Based On Criminal Offences
  • Another primary reason for inadmissibility is criminal offences. Individuals who have in their name certain offences shall not be permitted within the US. These may involve controlled substance violations, money laundering, and confinement of 5 years. However, controlled substance violations cannot be justified based on conviction. But if found guilty, it may lead to rejection of the EB 5 visa program application. Although they are rare, criminal offence inadmissiblities have recently become a major reason for visa rejection related to investment.

  • Inadmissibilities Based On Immigration Violations
  • This is a serious concern and cannot be rectified again. Misrepresentation for obtaining the EB 5 investor visa can result in permanent inadmissibility in the US. Never go under falsehood because the authorities are strict on this. The nature of violation can be permanent, and if not, it does not allow applications to be re-entered for at least 3 to 20 years. Go through a professional lawyer and get your documents checked before applying for the visa. If you’re applying for an extension, overstay can also lead to significant issues within the application process.

If you’re looking to avoid all the above mistakes and comfortably get an EB 5 investor visa, take the help of a professional consultant. They are experts in their field and can help you with a swift visa application. Sunset Visa is a leading investment immigration company enabling investors to gain an EB 5 investor visa quickly. Contact us today.

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Sunset Visa Team 10 Oct 2019