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EB 5 Investor Visa Is Calling You

Sunset Visa Team, 13 Dec 2019

Eb 5 Investor Visa Is Calling You at The Perfect Moment. Answer It Today!

The new EB 5 investor visa rules have come into effect from 21st November 2019. With the new regulations, the minimum investment amount in Targeted Employment Area has been increased from $500K to $900K. The same has been increased from $900K to $1.8 million in non-Targeted Employment Areas.

However, this only shows the demand for the investment visa, which has touched new heights. EB 5 visa investment is a popular way to migrate to the US, where investors can make an investment in the country or start a business to create 10 jobs and get a residency. Investors to know that EB 5 visa still has one of the shortest waiting times compared to other countries’ residency by investment program.

EB 5 Investor Visa Guide for Investors

The US government has said that it will continue to provide attractive benefits to the investors under the program. Now is the perfect opportunity for investors to get their investment visa.

The EB 5 visa program covers the investor’s immediate family dependent upon him/her. They get residency in the US, along with access to good healthcare, world-class education, and a high quality of lifestyle. Since there is still chaos going on with the H-1B visa for Indian investors, EB emerged has a winning program for them:

  • Easy Way to Get a Green Card
  • While immigrants who go to work and study in the US may have trouble getting a green card, EB 5 investors can easily get it. By making an investment in the country, they are eligible to get a green card for them and their families. Except for the right to vote, they enjoy most of the amenities and opportunities that US citizens enjoy. As they get the green card, investors can apply for US citizenship.

  • Affordable Second Residency
  • The EB 5 visa investment is still relatively more affordable than other residencies by investment programs in Europe, the UK, Canada, and other countries. Indian migrants will surely consider while making the investment because they get a better return on their investment in the USA than other countries. A second residency in the country is affordable for Indian immigrants who want to invest in another country.

  • Attractive Benefits for Everyone
  • Not just an investor, his/her dependent family is eligible for all the benefits under the EB 5 visa program. They get access to live and work anywhere in the 50 states of the country, world-class education for children, and the best healthcare facilities. After becoming citizens, by applying after 5 years of permanent residency, investors’ children can get lower tuition in the world’s top universities. They also get the right to vote in the US.

Get Your EB Investor Visa Before the Opportunity Ends

While Indian citizens will have to surrender their passport when they become US citizens, it is not necessary to apply for citizenship. You can have an Indian passport and still get permanent residency in the states. This way, you can be part of two of the world’s most developing economies. If you’re looking to move to the US through EB 5 visa investment, we can help. Sunset visa is a leading immigration investment company enabling investors to migrate to the US by making an investment. Contact us today

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Sunset Visa Team 13 Dec 2019