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EB 5 Investor Visa - Route To Green Card

Sunset Visa Team, 15 Nov 2019

Is EB 5 Investor Visa The Easiest Route To A Green Card?

Work and Study are excellent ways to migrate to the US. But with recent restrictions in US immigration, the EB 5 investor visa has gained wide popularity for moving to the US.

By making an investment of $900,000 in a qualifying business project in a Targeted Employment Area, investors can acquire a residency for them and their families in the US. With US immigration laws getting strict in giving a green card to immigrants, the EB 5 visa program has turned to be an incredible opportunity for investors to get a green card.

Getting a Green Card with the EB 5 Investor Visa

Getting a green card automatically reduces half the troubles for immigrants in the US. Through the EB 5 visa program, immigrants become eligible to get a green card in the US without any hassle:

  • I-526 Petition Filing
  • Every investor looking to make the EB 5 visa investment must file the I-526 petition to the US Immigration and Citizenship Services. Once approved, the state department of visa allows permanent residence on a conditional basis. As the investors meet the requirements of the projects, they get a green card. However, the entire process can take as much as two years in some cases.

  • Eligibility for the Program
  • The government of the US awards 10000 green cards every year. One country can avail only 7% of them, which 700 green cards for every country. Investors and their significant other, along with children under the age of 21 are eligible to apply for the green card under the EB 5 investor visa program.

  • Quick Green Card
  • There are employee applications in the US that have been waiting for 10 years for approval. The EB 5 investor visa takes nearly 2 years to get fully approved, and investors can get a green card. There’s been a high increase in the demand for the US investor visa in recent years because of the quickness with which the visa is approved.

  • Requirements For the Application
  • Typically EB 5 visa program allows for investment in the development of real estate. Investors must invest in USCIS approved regional center projects. They should not have a criminal record and must provide legal proof for the source of funds acquired and invested in the properties.

Become a US Resident and get a Green Card with EB 5 Investor Visa

EB 5 visa program is an excellent step to move your dreams to the US. If you’re looking to migrate to the US, we can help. Sunset Visa is a leading immigration investment company enabling investors to acquire a US residency and subsequent citizenship in easy steps. Contact us today .

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Sunset Visa Team 15 Nov 2019