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Portugal Residency by Investment Program

Sunset Visa Team, 09 Sept 2019

Get a Second Home with the Portugal Residency by Investment Program

Portugal is one of the most popular choices for immigrating to the European Union. The medieval castle, cobblestone streets, serene ocean side houses, and golden beaches have attracted residents from all over the world. For long people have considered residency by investment as their preferred choice to settle in this beautiful country. Apart from moving to the country, it allows investors an opportunity to make an international investment and reap good returns.

Why Portugal Residency by Investment is the Way to Go

There are several reasons why immigration to Portugal by investment is an excellent choice for investors. It will give investors access to the European Union and bring new investment opportunities. Some of the reasons include:

  1. NHR tax benefit
    Non-habitual residency(NHR) is a tax program in Portugal. If investors have the plan to retire, expect interest or dividend income, and haven’t worked for the past 5 years, they can avail the NHR program. Investors will be able to receive income without any tax in Portugal and other sources.
  2. Affordable lifestyle
    One of the reasons the Portugal investment visa is so popular is that the cost of living is relatively lower. It offers cheap accommodation and lifestyle choices that have attracted hundreds of residents in the past. The charming capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is comparatively more affordable than other capitals of the EU. Apart from good restaurants and cafes, it is also a tech startup hub.
  3. Continuous development
    The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is continuously undergoing development projects. New projects and ongoing renovation of old structures happen regularly in the region. Big companies are investing in developing modern buildings and execute new projects every now and then. Infrastructural developments are going on in all parts of the country, and investors can benefit from these opportunities.
  4. Steady real estate market
    There has been a steady rise in investors in Portugal. A lot of tourists and foreign nationals have turned towards the Portugal investment visa. The demand for real estate is high in the region, and investors can easily find a project for investment. The EU speculation supports the Portugal economy, and the market is only expected to improve.
  5. Culture and Climate
    Portugal has one of the best climates in Europe. The sun is up for nearly 300 days a year, and the warm summers can be enjoyed to the fullest. Portugal’s culture also boasts of several festivals, traditions, and friendliness towards immigrants. They give a warm welcome to foreign nationals.

Get Portuguese Residency through Property Investments

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Sunset Visa Team 09 Sept 2019