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Sunset Visa Team, 16 Dec 2019

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The United Kingdom is one of the most sought after destinations for Indian migrants. It offers world-class opportunities to work, study, and live, which attracts thousands of immigrants every year. In recent years, investment in technology has risen in the country, and investors are more open to capitalizing on it. UK Citizenship by Investment program has become a powerful driver of immigrants in the country. By investing a minimum of £2 million, investors can acquire residency for them and their families.

But is the right time to invest in the UK? It turns out, it is. Some may hesitate to invest because of the new investment immigration rules that came into effect in March 2019. However, investors need not worry. Going through an expert immigration investment consultant, they can easily make sense of these changes. High net worth individuals can secure there UK residency by investment and then eventually get on the route to becoming citizens of the country.

Why a UK citizenship by investment is Beneficial Right Now

Times of India reports that by the end of 2018, there was an investment of $500 million in the UK under the UK residency by investment program. It’s been an attractive option for investors looking to get a second residency. Properties in the UK are showing a high return on investment. Investors are also eying nearby regions like Ireland, which will only increase footsteps in the UK, considering it is a good starting point for investment.

  • Financial Capital of The World
  • London is the financial capital of the world. Investors have the opportunity to reap the benefits by residing in a booming economy. They can multiply their investment as it is made in government bonds & equities. Investors can also utilize new capital to invest in startups and real estate to get better revenue on their business.

  • Economic Healthcare and Education
  • By getting a UK immigration investment visa, investors open a world of opportunities for their children and families. The country has some of the best universities and schools in the world. The UK is also known as one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Your family can get the best treatments and access to health facilities for a happy and long life.

  • Easy Citizenship
  • Becoming a UK citizen means getting a second passport and access to all the benefits that natives of the country enjoy. Through UK citizenship by investment program, investors can apply for citizenship just after 6 years of getting a residency. Another option for becoming a resident is the innovator or the startup visa, which can also lead you to the path of citizenship.

Give your family the gift of UK Immigration Investment Visa

The new year is here, and it can be the year of new beginnings for your family. Give them access to the world’s most attractive country with UK residency by investment. If you’re looking to move to the United Kingdom, we can help. Sunset Visa is a leading immigration investment company that enables investors to migrate to the country in hassle-free steps. Contact us today.

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Sunset Visa Team 16 Dec 2019