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An Expert Guide To Spain Investment Visa

Sunset Visa Team, 1 Nov 2019

The Guide to Swiftly Acquiring a Spain investment Visa

Every foreign national who wants to relocate has at least considered Spain as an option. For investors, Spain presents excellent opportunities for immigration. The Spain investment visa program offers investors and their families to migrate to a beautiful country rich with culture and heritage. It attracts thousands of applicants every year who make investments in the architecturally advanced country to get a passport.

The thriving economy of Spain is built on tourism, energy, transportation - all of which complement the growth of their investment. Gaining a Spain residency by investment ensures that investors enjoy all the perks of becoming a Spanish resident and open an easy route for them to become a citizen in less amount of time.

What to know about the Spain Investment Visa Program

Investors can achieve a Spanish residency by investing €500,000 in real estate or a portfolio of properties. The six most popular locations for getting Spain citizenship by investment include Barcelona, Costa Blanca, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Costa del sol, and Murcia. These places offer ideal opportunities for investments as Spain is a fantastic base for travellers and foreign migrants.

  1. Investors must ensure that the property must not be funded through a mortgage. The investment must be made independently and should be made upfront. Spain investment visa authorities are strict in checking the funds, and the application can be rejected if the property investment involves any kind of mortgage.
  2. Investors must also show original proof of the source from where the investment income has been achieved. The source must be lawful, and any involvement of unethical practices may deem the application as a misrepresentation. Without proving a legitimate source, the application may not be properly processed.
  3. Investors looking to gain a Spain citizenship by investment must not have been refused entry in any other European country in the past. If their application has been rejected from a country, valid reasons must be provided. If the mistakes are on the part of the investors, they shall not be granted an investment visa for Spain as well.
  4. One major advantage of getting the spain golden visa investment is that it does not require investors to stay for a minimum time period in the country. After a period of 5 years, investors can apply for permanent residency in Spain. After 10 years, they become eligible to apply for citizenship. However, if they want to get a Spanish passport, investors must live full time in the country for a minimum of 183 days after their temporary residency period is over.

Get a Spain Residency by Investment in Simple Steps with Sunset Visa

Becoming a Spaniard is a dream for many foreign nationals, and getting a Spain property investment visa is the perfect way to go through it. Getting Spanish citizenship automatically makes you an EU citizen, which allows the investors and their families to travel and enjoy different countries in the European Union freely. If you’re looking to get a Spain investment visa, we can help. Sunset visa is a leading investment immigration company that enables investors to achieve a second residency by investment in Spain and other countries. Contact us today.

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Sunset Visa Team 1 Nov 2019