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Cyprus Citizenship Through The Route Of Investment

Sunset Visa Team, 27 Sept 2019

How To Get A Cyprus Citizenship Through The Route Of Investment

Relocating with the Cyprus investor visa is probably one of the simplest and sure-shot ways to become a Cyprus citizen. It provides economic opportunities that speed up the immigrant investor’s chances of becoming a citizen. It is a service-oriented economy and has years of exposure to international residents.

Why Get A Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus has a plethora of education, economic, and lifestyle opportunities for every resident. It has top-notch private schools for children and a service-based economy that can multiply an investor's ROI in no time. When you get a Cyprus investor visa , you also get access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world. And yes - there’s definitely the charming, serene, and beautiful beaches of Cyprus that make it the perfect place for a comfortable life.

Relocating With Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus citizenship by investment is aimed at attracting investment from foreign businessmen and investors. It focuses on high-net-worth individuals who want to obtain a residency in the country. Once investors become residents, they can apply for citizenship after a period of 7 years. The eligibility criteria entail -

  • No criminal record of the investor
  • No application for citizenship in other EU countries
  • Holder of a Schengen Visa
  • Own residential property worth €500,000.
  • Mandatory €75,000 donation to the Foundation for Research and Innovation and €75,000 to Cyprus land development corporation.

Tax Incentive Through The Cyprus Investor Visa

When investors become Cyprus residents, they also enjoy tax incentives in the country. Investors are considered tax residents if they stay for more than 183 days a year in the country. They receive full exemption from interest or dividend earned on investments. High net-worth individuals can benefit from those whose primary source of income is dividend and interest income.

Enticed To Get A Cyprus Citizenship? Sunset Visa Can Help

Cyprus is an attractive destination for investors from all over the world. The European destination is not only picturesque but also a hub for trade and commerce. If you’re an investor looking to move through the route of Cyprus citizenship by investment, contact Sunset Visa . We are a leading investment immigration company helping investors get citizenship in Cyprus. Contact us today.

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Sunset Visa Team 20 Sept 2019