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Should You Get A Cyprus Investor Visa?

Sunset Visa Team, 27 Nov 2019

Should You Get A Cyprus Investor Visa Or Not?

Cyprus is a beautiful destination in the European Union, which has become popular for its exquisite lifestyle and beautiful landscape. The country has attracted thousands of applications for the Cyprus investor visa because of the opportunities and high standards of living it offers. By investing €300,000 in immovable property in Cyprus, investors can attain a residency in the country. But is it worth it? Cyprus has approved some critical changes in its investor visa scheme, which may affect the decision of investors to move to the country.

Is the Cyprus Investor Visa Still Worth It?

For high networth individuals looking to migrate to the EU, the investor visa is an excellent way to move to the country. It is a promising path for achieving Cyprus citizenship by investment. The visa is still considered as the best option to move to Cyprus. Here are a few points that can help investors in making their decision of getting a Cyprus investor visa:

  • Easy Immigration Rules
  • Getting a Cyprus citizenship by investment in the later years is particularly easy as the immigration laws are not that strict. The government invites investors from all over the world to boost the economy with minimum restrictions. By adhering to the normal guidelines, investors can swiftly make a move to Cyprus.

  • EU Education System
  • Europe’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. The advantage is that the investor’s children below the age of 21 can move to the country with them and get access to a world-class education. Once they get a Cyprus citizenship after 7 years of the residency permit, they can apply for EU universities under the EU citizen grant.

  • Citizenship Through Naturalization
  • The investors get a Cyprus citizenship through naturalization after 7 years of having a residency permit. This is the quickest way for individuals to attain Cypriot citizenship. Investors looking to migrate to Cyprus permanently can avail the opportunity of becoming citizens through naturalization.

  • No Professional Activity
  • The applicants of the Cyprus investor visa must keep in mind that they should not work in Cyprus during their stay. Investors must not engage in any kind of professional activity in Cyprus under the investor visa. However, any dividend income from a company in Cyprus shall not be considered a violation.

  • No Language Barrier
  • Cyprus citizenship by investment application does not require individuals to learn the local Greek language. In addition, there is no pre-citizenship interview once the investors have applied for citizenship after 5 years. The removal of these barriers has also made it a popular choice for immigrant investors all over the world.

Get a Cyprus Investor Visa with Sunset Visa in Quick Steps

Investors can fulfill their dream of becoming an EU citizen by applying for Cyprus citizenship by investment program. If you’re looking to migrate to the beautiful country, make it worth the investment by joining hands with Sunset Visa, a leading immigration investment company. Contact us today .

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Sunset Visa Team 27 Nov 2019