Spain Citizenship by Investment

Spain Investor Visa The Pathway To Citizenship

Sunset Visa Team, 14 Nov 2019

Is Spain Investor Visa The Right Path To Citizenship?

The increasing number of Spain investor visa applications says more about the program than anything else. Nearly 6000 foreigners got their Spain residency by investment in 2018. By investing €500,000 in real estate, investors can acquire an investment visa to reside in the country. Since its launch in 2013, the investor visa program has grown with each year. But the question is - Is Spain investor visa the right path to citizenship? Turns out, it is and also one of the most natural routes to citizenship.

Getting A Citizenship With The Spain Investor Visa

Several countries in the EU like Portugal, Cyprus, etc. but none compares to that of Spain. Spain has granted the highest Spain residency by investment in the last 10 years, rounding to nearly 25,000 applications. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for migrants. However, people looking for citizenship have first to get a residency and then subsequently move on citizenship. Here’s what investors need to know while getting the Spain investment visa:

  • Family Members Included
  • While going through the route of investment for Spain citizenship by investment, the investor’s family is also eligible to apply for citizenship. The spouse/husband and children below the age of 18 can become citizens.

  • Visa-free Travel To 160 Countries
  • After becoming a Spanish citizen, investors and their families can travel visa-free to 160+ countries.

  • Invest Only €500,000
  • Just by investing €500,000 in real estate, investors can gain residency for them and their families. They can achieve permanent residency after living for 5 years in the country.

Is Spain Investor Visa The Right Path To Citizenship?

Investors that are looking to invest in real estate in their home country can avail of this opportunity. Acquiring Spain citizenship by investment makes them a citizen of another country. It also gives them the chance to reap the benefits of the thriving Spanish economy. In recent years, more families have applied for the residency program since they are looking for pleasant places to live across the globe.

A significant advantage is that you can also apply for Spain investment visa from Spain. Investors that are traveling or temporarily residing in Spain can apply for the Investor visa and gain a residency. It is a good investment and can help you reap major benefits for a long time.

Get a Spain Citizenship by Investment Without Any Difficulties

Today, Spain investment visa is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Spain. While study and job are still the least expensive ways, investors that can afford to invest should choose this option. If you’re looking to migrate to Spain, we can help. Sunset Visa is a leading immigration investment company that can help investors gain a Spain residency by investment and then citizenship in simple and easy steps. Contact us today

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Sunset Visa Team 14 Nov 2019