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Cyprus Investment Visa

Sunset Visa Team, 10 Sept 2019

Top 5 Reasons Cyprus Investment Visa is Worth Every Penny

The beautiful island located to the southeast of Greece, Cyprus is a destination that calls tourists and residents from all over the world. It boasts of being the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean sea. The pleasant weather and the serene lifestyle of the island attracts thousands of applications for Cyprus citizenship every year.

Cyprus is home to long stretches of beaches, ancient ruins, and delicious Mediterranean cuisines. There are ancient relics and archaeological sites that date back to the 4th century. It is also one of the widely popular wreck diving sites in the world.

Reasons Why Cyprus Citizenship is so Popular

Cyprus is one of those few exotic destinations unknown to many. Even though the island is small, it is a massive upgrade in happiness and lifestyle of investors and their family. Some of the reasons why investors turn to Cyprus residency by investment to move to this beautiful island include:

  1. Tax benefits to Real Estate Owners
    Owning a luxury home in Cyprus has several perks, including tax benefits, title deeds at half the price, and the opportunity to get a Cyprus citizenship - which means an EU passport. In 2015, the cost of acquiring the title deed was cut to half. The real estate prices are quite affordable compared to the US and the UK. There were also talks of reforms that will reduce property tax by almost 75 %.
  2. Low Crime Rates
    Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the European Union. Some UK citizens living in the country believe that it is more safe and secure than the UK. Investors can be sure that their family will have complete safety on the island. The environment is also protected for children to play, and parents don’t have to worry a lot.
  3. Serene Mediterranean Climate
    There are bountiful sunshine and warm breezes on the island. Surrounded by the mediterranean sea, there is golden sunshine for nearly 340 days a year. The temperature is not extremely hot but touches almost 35 degrees in the summer. Investors can invest in real estate in the region and enjoy the serene climate all year long.
  4. Excellent Healthcare
    The healthcare system in Cyprus meets international standards. Immigrants can select from private and public healthcare. The national healthcare system provides free medical assistance at the point of delivery to everyone. Emergency treatment is also free of cost, even for foreign nationals. The best part is, almost all doctors have to train overseas and are fluent in English.
  5. High-quality of Life
    Getting a Cyprus residency by investment is perfect for investors who want to maintain a balance between work and life. The local mantra is “Siga, Siga”, which roughly translates to “Slowly, Slowly.” Cyprus citizens believe in enjoying every experience rather than rushing into it. Cypriots meals and even coffee breaks last for about an hour. The lifestyle is better because of the excellent climate, healthcare, and education standards in the region. There are a lot of immigrants in Cyprus, which makes it easier for new immigrants to move to the island.

Get a Cyprus Residency by Investment for an Exception Lifestyle

Cypriots are extremely welcoming of immigrants. They are friendly and create an environment filled with warmth. The housing options in Cyprus are affordable and available easily. Getting a Cyprus residency by investment allows investors to enjoy the natural beauty of the country and give their family an exceptional quality of life. Contact Sunset Visa if you’re looking to obtain a Cyprus investment visa.

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Sunset Visa Team 10 Sept 2019