Cyprus Investment Visa Program

1: Do you wish to live on an island surrounded by beautiful landscapes?

2: Do you want to experience the lively culture of Europe?

3: Do you dream of exploring nature and having a vibrant lifestyle?

With Cyprus residency, you and your family can enjoy living alongside a long stretch of coastline surrounded by natural landscapes. Work and travel within the European Union without any restrictions through the Cyprus citizenship by investment program.

Why become a Cyprus resident?

Becoming a resident of Cyprus gives you access to the European Union better than traditional ways of citizenship. You become a part of the dream destination in Europe; a destination that offers exotic beaches, a rich and diverse culture, and a stunning lifestyle. The Cyprus passport by investment provides a plethora of benefits, including:

  1. Access to the European Union
  2. Freedom to live and work in anywhere in Cyprus
  3. Incentives and tax subsidies for home buyers
  4. One of the lowest crime rates in the EU
  5. Easy visa-free travel to 162 countries
cyprus investment immigration program cost
€2.15 Million
get citizenship by investment cyprus
Real Estate
family permanent residency in cyprus
Full family
way to get cyprus citizenship
Flexible. No minimum stay.
cyprus citizenship benefits
EU Schengen Zone travel
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Investment Options

There are two ways to gain access to the diverse lifestyle in Cyprus. One is acquiring Cyprus nationality by investment, and the other is getting permanent residency and citizenship by investment in real estate.

Cyprus Residency by Investment Program

Investors can qualify for residency in Cyprus by investing €300,000 in immovable property to gain a Cyprus residency permit. Residency is gained within 2 months from the date of application for the entire family. The Cyprus residency visa is valid for life and is transferable to spouses and children. Enjoy the medieval heritage and incredible culture of Cyprus with your family for years to come.


By investing €300,000 in real estate, investors can get Cyprus residency and therefore, become a resident of the European Union. After investing, the application takes only 2 months for residency approval. To qualify as a resident, prospects must:

Once investors have become residents of Cyprus, they will be deemed as tax residents if they stay in the country for more than 183 days. Tax-deemed investors will have to pay the corporate tax at a rate of 12.5%.

Fulfill your dream of becoming an EU citizen today!

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

The Cyprus investment program is one of the quickest ways to become a resident of Cyprus and gain entry into the European Union. Cyprus residents become eligible for Cypriot citizenship through naturalization (gaining a Cyprus passport) after 7 years of having a residency permit. The residents can apply for citizenship if they have lived in Cyprus for five years before their application date.

Invest In The Cyprus Investment Residency Program And Become An Eu Resident Today!

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