Citizenship Program Portugal

Experience the medieval heritage and enlivening lifestyle of a beautiful country

With the Portugal property investment program, you and your family can become a resident of this beautiful country and explore Portuguese culture first hand. Surrounded by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and favored by a Mediterranean climate, Portugal is a country rich in natural beauty and historical cities that boast of a modern lifestyle.

Why Second Residency in Portugal?

When you gain the resident status of Portugal, you automatically become a part of the European Union. The friendly folk of the country, the beautiful beaches, year-round pleasant weather, and an affordable lifestyle for your family will entice you at every step. Whether for work or travel, gaining Portugal residency and citizenship by investment offers excellent benefits that attract thousands of applicants from all over the world every year. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Permanent residency in Portugal just after 5 years
  2. Inclusion of Family members and spouse in the program
  3. Live and Work anywhere in the European Union
  4. Visa-free travel to 160+ countries
  5. Explore a country replete with exquisite beauty
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Flexible. No requirement to reside.
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Portugal Citizenship By Investment

Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the Golden Resident Permit Program through the Department of Consular Affairs and the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency (AICEP). By investing €500,000 in real estate, applicants can acquire residency for their families and themselves. This program was revised in July 2015 by adding another investment option. Now an investment of €350,000 in real estate older than 30 years will enable investors to achieve the resident status. This amount can be reduced by 20% and come down to €280,000 when you invest in a low-density population area. Become a global citizen by investing in the Portugal residency by investment program and witness the idyllic landscapes and the charming appeal of Europe

Basic Requirements to Obtaining Portugal Residency

Portugal has attracted a lot of foreign investment since the launch of the program in 2012. The Golden Resident Permit Program enables investors to become residents of Portugal and apply for citizenship of the EU. To qualify for residency and citizenship, prospective investors must -

Become a citizen of Portugal today!

Getting Permanent Residency by Investment in Portugal

Investors can apply for permanent citizenship in Portugal after 5 years and for citizenship after 6 years. One does not need to reside in Portugal but must live there for at least 2 weeks every 2 years for the renewal of their visa. When investors gain Portugal citizenship through investment, they acquire a second passport that gives them access to the globe with ease. Citizens also get the right to live, work and travel anywhere in the European Union. With EU citizenship, the doors to a lifestyle of freedom, diversification, and enriching experiences open up for investors all around the world.

Start your journey to become a resident of the medieval capital of Europe!

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